Tamalpa Workshops

2013/4 dates coming soon

Independent workshops based on different aspects of Tamalpa Life Art, the work of dance and expressive arts pioneers Daria and Anna Halprin. Ideal for anyone who would like to find out more about this multi-faceted, body based approach.

Saille is a Halprin Practitioner and a graduate of the Tamalpa Institute in California's Teacher Training program.

Workshops can be offered throughout the UK and tailor made according to the needs and interests of different groups.

Beat Those Winter Blues - An Introduction to Movement Ritual

Relax and unwind your body with a floor-based movement practice which develops flexibility and promotes relaxation and body awareness. Originally created by dancer Anna Halprin who is over 90 and still dancing! Excellent for dancers and people who like to move their body. A certain amount of flexibility required.There will be some time for dance/free movement at the end of the day with our newly relaxed and supple bodies.

Breathing Life Into the Spine - How Metaphor Can Shape Our Lives

Using Tamalpa Life Art tools we will invite the spine to lead us in its dance and reveal its stories and images. We will expand upon these through creative writing, drawing and improvised play.
In choosing metaphors which link our movement with our life experience we are attempting to search beyond the obvious. How is the imaginary world I am enjoying right now connected to my life. How can it help me shape my life?
This day will help you identify habitual ways of moving and explore how your movement can offer metaphors which can transform your life.

Lightness As A Way To Heal

Using movement, creative writing and drawing explorations we will source autobiographical material from our own lives and find ways of working with our most heartfelt themes, playfully and lightly through creative movement, poetry and improvised play both solo and as a group. This workshop is especially for those who would like to develop more spontaneity, access their body's wisdom and find a new creative way of working with personal material. One which can inform and transform.

Bring Them All In - Making Friends With Our Subpersonalities Through Movement

When we let ourselves freely explore our movement certain subpersonalities can emerge which have much to offer us.
On this day we will look at two: the Saboteur and the Champion and what form these aspects take in our lives. Does one tend to dominate? We will play with both using the Tamalpa tools of the imagination, movement, creative writing and drawing as well as improvised play.
For anyone interested in turning their saboteur into a friend and feeling the support of their champion.